by Siamese Spots

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Shaman shiva, Shaman shiva
Never give up, never give up.
Born to hate you, born to love you,
I despise you, I'll become you so.
Kea kiva, Kea kiva,
bite her head off, bite her head off.
Born to love you, born to hate you,
strip you bare and motivate your fear.

Bite back when the wolf bites you.

Terror terror, terror terror.
Be the bearer, be the bearer.
All the good news, all the bad news,
fickle frames will turn to statues now.
Rocka fauna, Rocka fauna.
Don't you wanna, don't you wanna?
Mine the mountains, mine the sky
for those we've lost and those we cry for now.

Bite back when the wolf bites you.

No pity, strike fear to the hearts that read you wrong.
If you don't bite back, you'll have bled for nothing.

Bite back when the wolf bites you.


released July 11, 2015
Written and Recorded by Siamese Spots
Drums by Jason Rosenblatt




Siamese Spots Tulsa, Oklahoma

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